Friday, December 2, 2011

Who is dumber – Obama or Perry

Rick Perry has had a bit of a rough run of late. H’s made a few gaffes and of course we all know one gaffe by a conservative and the media has a feast, declaring said conservative a brain dead moron. How many gaffes by Obama/Biden does it take for the media to declare them dumb? Haven’t found that number yet – but it must be high. Glenn rolls the Obama gaffe highlight reel on radio today.

Debate on Iraq Troop Surge Plan

A huge number of postings on Youtube of speeches made in the House of Representatives both for and against the troop surge proposal in Iraq. To see all of them, go to

Palestinian Use of Media as War Tool?

Do Palestinians use the media as a tool of war?

This is quite an interesting discussion, and embedding has been disabled by request.

To see it, go to